Secret Santa : thanks for the gifts... and for all the feelings !!

Emojis describing feeling better than word : πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
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    Hi ! I hope you aren't tired of happy and emotional people opening presents !
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    I'm seriously shaking right now
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    SO... oh before we start little story telling :
    I was of course dying with excitement for this past 10 days knowing it was only a matter of days. But just LAST NIGHT Emma transmitted me a message from my secret Santa saying the package has been in french customs for 10 days. So I was like "oh ok I guess it should be taking by the post office soonish". I though I would have it in 3/4 days. But THIS MORNING, as I was just out of the shower, guess who rang at my door ??! (My janitor. Boxes don't ring bells you fools)
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    That box is so huge !! Can't believe you ship something so big to France !!!
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    OMG. Ok I'll be honest first thing I saw by transparency between bubbles was what's in the frame.. and recognized it right away as I've been lurking for it for months !!!
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    But I first looked at the letter ! Hello @stephani !!!! Thank you thank you thank you
    (I tried not to look at the name outside the box as I know that sometimes shipping internally is a bummer for secret keeping) ; ok i figured since your letter was an handwritten list of "things in this box" I could open them and read at the same time (yes I overthink stuff)
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    SO THERE IT WAS !! Art by @roaringsoftly !!!!! Omg and I can't believe you frame it
    There came the wave of emotions. Seriously I've been doing bags in tyler shops for months but never actually took anything because I had to pay for other stuff or make gifts to other people and this has definitely been on my bag at least one ! This means so much !! Thank youuu ! Right on spot !! (Tyler art isn't blurry, my picture is. Because when I say I'm shaking I really am)
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    Next... Omg !! I swear this was another thing I almost buy for myself but did not !!! You couldn't be more 🎯 !!
    Well dear stranger from the internet, you know me damn well !!!
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    This mugs is so pretty and its message so important
    PLUS proceeds for it are donated to a children's hospital where Stephani works because she's that kind of amazing !!! Charities for children with diseases mean a lot to me so thank for this gift and for what you do on your everyday life
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    I'm actually adding the details about it in case some listers would like to make donations !
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    Now Memphis CHOCOLATE : how COOL ??!! I'm trying to stay strong and not eat them all right away !! That guitar tho I already feel that the Memphis vibe is gonna rock my soul (and tummy!)
    Yes I'm still wearing my out of shower robe; sexy unpacking much ?!
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    I'm shaking and so emotional ! Thank you so so much Stephani !!! I have no word !!
    It's so perfect ! Everything I wished It could be and more !! You're amazing and so generous ! Merci merci merci
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    And thanks you to the best Santa there is ! @DawnCloud you're the best but like ew gross can you imagine me telling publicly great things about you ??!!
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    Aand in its perfect shelf spot !!
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    I had a great idea to do my nails on Monday, it makes it look Im classy despite the pink robe