1. Like many people* i love when people love me
    *Many honest people
  2. You know those cool ones who say "I don't care if you don't like me" and cool things like that ? I'm not that cool.
    End of list.
  4. No. I guess it's not true.
  5. And as years go by, I'm getting better at being at peace that even when you're trying to be the best version of yourself people will just meh you
  6. That doesn't mean they're bad people
    They're certainly not good one 😏
  7. That doesn't mean you've done something bad
  8. And the odd part of it is that's something YOU feel about other people too
  9. In French we say "le courant ne passe pas"
    You just don't get along
  10. Now that being said I'm not doing things for people to like me
    Except maybe a porn list once...
  11. It's not like that
  12. It's more I'm doing whatever and I HOPE people will still like me
  13. Or don't totally hate me
  14. And with the Internet it has gotten worst right ?
  15. Actual strangers giving you an opinion and judging you from close to nothing
  16. In a way you're much free to be yourself
  17. In another you're not.
  18. Also just because it's doesn't reel doesn't mean it's fake.
    Actually a draft I have i should finish but but you know like feelings still being hurt even if you've never meet.
  19. Back to this liking thing, I think my favorite point in Mindy Kaling's last book is her intro "I used to want to people to like me now I want them to know me". That really meant something to me and I realize I also may finally be here
    (Yes the book is good after the intro too)
  20. Cause as I said earlier I'm not changing my mind or action to be liked but I still hope that people will like however I am
    Big progress since junior high when you pretend to like Simple Plan to fit, see the idea ?
  21. So yeah I'm not reaaally seeking validation from strangers... I don't care to know what they like
  22. But then why did it take so long for me to write this contest list ?
  23. Was I trying to find something that each judges will like ?
  24. Can I guess what they're into just by watching one picture of them ?
  25. @aus10 said a picture is worth a thousand word I'll try putting thousand words out of pictures
  26. I mean, if I want to please some judges I should know what they're into
  27. Judge 1
    Lover of dogs and cool chill out outside
  28. Potential list this judge may like
    Favorite walks with Hector
  29. Judge 2
    Is that art ? Is that a vinyl ? Is that..
    Hum sorry. So where was I..
  31. Potential list this judge may like
    Favorite French vinyls art cover somethings
  32. Judge 3
    Hmm excuse me is that the coolest pict ever ? Are we twins ?
  33. Potential list this judge may like
    Favorite costumes at my costumes birthday parties (it's a tie between my 19th bday Supergirl, my 20th Fran Fine and extra bonus for Halloween's Edward Scissorhands)
  34. Judge 4
    Ok so pretty is that a real person even ? I wonder a many people asked Austin for her IG handle. Anyway don't be a douche Lisa and don't sum her up to her physical appearance she's also strong smart and whatever she wants to be
  35. Potential list this judge may like
    Female 90s role models that were strong as hell (actual draft I have to be fair)
  36. Judge 5
    he plays in a band I REPEAT HE PLAYS IN A BAND
  37. Potential list this judge may like
    Why band players are very hot and cool
  38. Judge 6
    Wow Austin's right I can totally read a lot from that picture. I mean we can instantly tell that this girl is from Perth, Australia right ? That she met her husband cause she was working with his sister and that she can bake pasta from scratch. She also looks like someone who would kill it at snapchat. Also, side note she totally looks like a Jessica but that everyone calls Jess.
  39. Potential list this judge may like
    Things that happened while you were sleeping unless a certain insomniac British girl already updated you, also, I love you.
  40. Judge 7
    Ok this is clearly the best pict ever made !! JUDGE 7 IS NEARBY A ZEBRA ok maybe it's not a reel one but as written earlier just because it's not reel doesn't mean it's fake, in my heard it's a real one and I don't want to study the picture more to see if it really is. Also that chick looks cool af, supportive, always nicely interact in lists and to be the kind of person to make a petition list to get you back on list app if you ever leave.
  41. Potential list this judge may like
    Not my real profile Profile Picts, ranked (clearly #1) (in case you wonder Debby Ryan's #3 and Kaitlyn is number 2)
  42. See ?
  43. There isn't one list that would fit them 7.
  44. So... That's the one they get.
  45. And see, it's ok, kids .
  46. Because list app is like life : you can't please everyone ! So just write or do things that makes YOU happy !
  47. And usually when you're just sincere it will actually touched people
    And sometimes it doesn't anyway. Again life and list app are the same : and they're not a sciences ! so yes sometimes something will work just fine, sometime you'll feel it's overly liked (imposter syndrome much?) and sometimes you'll feel unfairly missed out. That's ok. And everyone feels the same way.