Sending my Galentines / Valentine cards from here cause I'm cheap

It's technically 2 am so valentines here but still Galentines in the US so I'm using this spatial displacement for hybrid cards
  1. FTC in general
  2. Also this one for @DawnCloud and @jessicaz
  3. This was almost this one except like.. skype ??? So 2009.
    So accurate but with every other platforms
  4. Internet didn't give me much cute card so I'm gonna be cheap and send you the same one (yes I'm so cheap that I even not-send the same cards) @sarahmccoy @amieshmamie @Boogie @ShawnKelly @roaringsoftly @bredee @marymurphy @joemurphy @stevecady @michael_circa91 @lame @online @lexie_elyse
  5. Also for whoever needs this :