How to write a list/homage about your idol on his "death anniversary", a try out.
  1. Serve Gainsbourg left us 25 years ago on March 2nd
  2. I started listening to Serge and also Jane Birkin on my parents car. I didn't like it until like 7 or 8, what a fool
  3. Also fun fact I'm named after his song Elisa (except my parents dropped the E, but he also says Lisa in the song while referring to the "jungle of my hair" which is the most relatable thing for me)
  4. Here's a few things to know about him : his real name is Lucien Ginsburg. He was born on April 2th 1928 in Paris. He lived the world war 2 in France which mean that he had to wear a yellow star and hide which he'll never forget.. (Which explain some of his struggles).
  5. He was very shy. Played perfectly the piano like his father and started as a painter.
  6. Even if he knew his way with words he actually finished high school before graduating and went to Les Beaux Arts school that he didn't finish either
  7. He was always full of complexes regarding his physic mostly because of his nose and ears. He gave to himself the nickname "l'homme à la tête de chou"
    (Cauliflower's Head man)
  8. He mostly started by writing for others especially France Gall which gives him a popular notoriety. First with Baby Pop but most famous is "Les sucettes" (lollipops) which is clearly just puns with blowjobs
    France Gall was supposed not to know the meaning of the song but who is she kidding
  9. He also wrote La Javanaise for Juliette Greco which was a big star back then and helped him made a name
  10. He mostly wrote for women, always making them sound beautiful
    And for a man supposedly "not pretty" he had the most beautiful women of the time at his feet
  11. I also love his (love) story with Jane Birkin : he was just dumped by Brigitte Bardot, was heartbroken and awful with Jane with whom he was supposed to do a movie. Jane said to the director that she was about to quit so the director arranged a diner telling them both he'll come... And didn't show up.
    After that they stayed together for 14 years and actually Jane helped made Gainsbourg's work immortal by always singing it in different ways. They both bring so much to each other's life. It was not a Pygmalion thing because without Jane he wouldn't have become an icon for sure
  12. So you can find more about his "chronological" life on Wikipedia I'm trying to explain why I love him and the way to sum it up is because he's a genius with tons of cracks
  13. First he even told that he was just doing "minor art" while classical music and painting are majors. (FYI He burned most of his painting.)
    That became a very famous tv moment when he argued with a singer who thought they weren't doing a minor art... So Serge starting playing classical
  14. He was so ahead of his time. Especially melody wise. That looke simple but everything, every sound is very precise and meant to be
  15. Of course he was a very scandalous man, like the time he burnt 500 francs on television
    (To tell how much he had left after taxes)
  16. Also a very classic French television moment was when he met Whitney and said first in French that he wanted to fuck her, which the host translated as "find you very pretty" so then.. Well he translated himself
  17. His alcohol problem became.. well problematic and it kind made him schizophrenic. there was Gainsbourg and Gainsbarre (barre meaning leaving).
    So I tent not to remember him at his worst, although he did some amazing songs in his darkest times
  18. But he managed to do tons of come backs especially right before his death and died a hero
    His latest work was highly influenced by reggae among other things
  19. You can see his old house rue verneuil (Paris 6th) with always tons of graffitis and street art on it
    Unfortunately it was supposed to be a museum but it never happened despite multiple announces
  20. Also please enjoy some pictures my brother took in front of it a few years ago
    Well my brother didn't took them, my friend Bruno did. But you'll get the idea. (This is just for @lame enjoyment tbh)
  21. So I should have started by that but I made you a playlist of my favorites, I tried to keep it short so you can actually listen to it FOR REAL (I only put his versions of songs instead all the other singers who sang them, you can check out France Gall, Birkin but also Tandem by Vanessa Paradis too)
  22. Movies to watch about him :
    Gainsbourg vie heroique by cartoonist Johan Sfarr who did an amazing job (and it was hard to win me at this) love how he materialized his demons (Gainsbarre)
  23. Movies to watch with him :
    Slogan and Cannabis (there are more check wiki ! To be honest I didn't see them all)
  24. Movies to watch honoring him :
    Elisa with Depardieu and Vanessa Paradis although not at all related to him This was Cleary an homage to him and they kind of managed to make him do an apparition after his death
  25. Books to read about him :
    So obviously I only have French ones but maybe they were published in English (written by Gilles Verlant is a sure choice)
  26. I also have collections of quotes, interviews etc
  27. Also book to offer me : family photos made by Jane's brother
    There's tons of prop in the book too !
  28. He basically revolutionized music with arrangements, incredible lyrics, concepts (Melody Nelson album per example) while thinking this was nothing