1. Dear list,
  2. Thanks for helping me find friends that I love so much. I found 4 of my bestest friends here and a dozens of really good friends
  3. You helped me find a job
  4. You helped me find myself
  5. You helped me heal
  6. Those 2 years weren't good for me "irl" but you clearly helped me go through them.
  7. You made me realize nothings wrong with me
  8. Thank you. I love you.
  9. Also: you can find me on twitter @Lisa_Fav / insta: lisafav / whatsapp and Facebook on demand. Having anxiety realizing I don't have everybody's contact. It's like the last day of summer camp :(
  10. Im very mad @jeremysomething that I used to call a friend but now will just be former list app developer to me. You can listen to me yell at him a lot here https://bumpers.fm/e/b75chfkouu50015nmqrg