It's been said a lot, especially by @alligeeshow list and many many others. @list is a community. You may feel weird about it (or maybe just non listers do) but we are. And like any other community we even got tighter after a tragedy. We lived a real shock but also we lived, live and will live beautiful things. The rainbow is never far
  1. List babies are on their ways !
    @Lindi and @aminam are obviously both calling their mini me "List The First"
  2. People got married !
    And/or honeymooned !
  3. Some got divorced but it's in this happy section cause it's FOR THE BEST
  4. Some traveled and discovered new places
  5. Some got new jobs
  6. Some moved far away from home and changed their lives
  7. Many graduated !! Either from high school or college
  8. Some started college
    At 18 or 36 !
  9. We celebrated birthdays
    Luckiest got packages from around the world) (ok maybe that's just @LeahG ?)
  10. Almost everyone learned at least one thing
  11. Today is a sad sad day; but thanks for the happy ones that will come soon and the one that already came ❤️
  12. Static