It's women international day/month and I couldn't miss the opportunity to tell you about Simone Veil. She may be the most important contemporary lady in France. She's a big part of France history by herself and a great role model.
  1. She survived the Shoah
    She was deported at 16 to Auschwitch. Another prisoner told her to lie about her age and tell she's 18 to pass the first selection and not be exterminated. She and her 2 sisters survived but they lost their parents and brother. I won't detail her life in the camp, you can learn more on wiki. What's important to tell about her is that she was willing to talk about it almost right away (rare for survivors) but felt that "no one wanted to hear". She does talk about it in a documentary made in 1976
  2. She was one of the first woman to do such a political career
    After law studies and succeeded at the magistrate School she started with an important employment at the Justice Ministry in the penitentiary administration.
  3. During the Algeria war she managed to transfer to France Algerian women that she felt were exposed to bad treatment or even rape
  4. In 1970 she became the first secretary of Conseil Superior de la magistrature
  5. Then she was the Minister of Health
    From 1974 to 79 despite the change of 1st minister in between. She was in charge of presenting the law decriminalizing abortion to the parliament
  6. She was of course attacked by far right and also right deputies
    While on the other hand, in 1971 a manifest of women admitting they had abortions started the conversation, learn more about the "343 sluts"
  7. She presented the law and gave an important speech in the Assembly saying that "Abortion must stay an exception, the ultimate resort for dead end situations"
  8. The now called "Veil law" was voted in November 74 and was effective on January 17th 1975
  9. In 1979 she's the first presidentE or the European Union
  10. She was still in important positions through the 80s, 90s and early 2000 in different parties.
    It's mostly internal affair so it will be hard for me to translate all the positions and titles but long story short : she always speak her mind, and isn't afraid to leave party when she disagreed.
  11. She was member of the Constitutional council from 1998 to 2007
  12. From 2000 to 2007 she's the president of the foundation for the memorial of the Shoah
  13. She published her autobiography "a life" in 2007
    The book was translated in 15 languages so you should find it in English !
  14. She also joined "the immortals" of the French Academy in 2010
    On her sword she engraved the French Motto "Liberty equality fraternity" as well as her Shoah tattoo number she still has on her forearm..
  15. Basically she's a badass, a model, and you can learn more details in her Wikipedia page or her autobiography!
  16. Goodbye Simone, and thank you 💔