Alternative title à la @Nicholas and @jessicaz : are you or those things Jewish ? (Side note: please tell me listers get irony and I don't have to tell that I'm Jewish to make this list)
  1. Do you complain a lot but actually don't change the situation cause you secretly like it.
  2. Does guilt works on you ?
    If you're +25yo : not Jewish. at this point you should be use to it and don't really care
  3. Do YOU try guilt on people ?
  4. Are you a depressed comedian ?
  5. Are you the mother of a toddler that already know she'll hate her daughter-in-law ?
    Jewish. Sefaradic I may add.
  6. Are you a mother obsess to know if you're kid had eaten enough, is warm enough, and isn't in death danger any time of the day ? Do you agree on two of those affirmations : my kid is smart - talented - cute - funny - the best.
    That may surprise but : not Jewish ! Cause there's no need to be Jewish nor to be a mum to be a Jewish mum. For example: @shanaz @gwcoffey and @thebestSR are equally Jewish mums to me)
  7. Did you do some horseback riding when you were young ?
    Not Jewish
  8. Do women in your family tend to worry about people being either too thin or too fat ?
  9. Do you criticize some Jewish people but will defend them to death if someone else critic them ?
    Jewish. (Ex liberal/orthodox; sefaradic/Ashkenazy; the teenagers that makes too much noise at night under my grandma's apartment/my grandma)
  10. Do you work at @list ?
    Jewish even if you're not
  11. Do you work in medias industry or have a big nose ?
    Either Jewish or antisemitic
  12. Do you get ironic or self deprecating jokes ?