1. So I've been home for months now
    Because I'm ending contract with my consulting agency but it took months to legally process that while in the meantime I don't have any consultant jobs
  2. At first I thought I'll do a big travel once the legal things over
    But I learn bad news and I have to stay close to my family
  3. Then to be honest I was not really looking for jobs in France
    Few weeks off needed, plus they all looked the same
  4. Also I must have made my grieve of my dream to get a dream job in the us, that will never happen
    French companies with us offices do a program for under 28 but usually when the offer is in this particular website it's already fulfill. And as American brand they'll never sponsor me (heeeello)
  5. 2 weeks ago I started to think of moving to London
    Close to home but still a leap I clearly need to move on with my life
  6. I only started answering announces this week since my resume wasn't done
  7. But today a friend send me a text
    A manager at the media conglomerate I used to word needs someone and she's interested by my profile. I know the woman since I worked there too but never directly with her, two friends of mine work here actually one is leaving so I'm guessing the opportunity is linked to that. Funny coincidence I'm having diner with this friend tonight, planed for week.
  8. So why am panicking ?
    I didn't even have the manager on the phone yet
  9. The pros :
    I know the people and they're all cool, many friends at the upstairs floor, bit of a new field since it's more linked to YouTube channels instead of broadcast and vod. Plus maybe staying in Paris is good for my family issues at least for a few months (don't know the type of contract yet)
  10. The cons :
    I'm having a panic attack just thinking of that. Or maybe I'm having a panic to jobs in general I don't know. I still don't know the details like salary and type of contract. I'm so fucking lost. Maybe because I've been inactive for 2 months it's more frightening ? Or maybe I really do wanna leave Paris ? Or maybe I just wanna run from my problems by moving out ? But my life here isn't moving, professional or Personally so I though fresh environment could help, but it may won't
  11. I'm so fucking stressed for literally nothing
  12. Maybe it won't even work after our phone call
  13. So anyway if you still think I'm relevant after that I really am looking for a job opportunity
    So I'll just be clumsy and give you a link to my LinkedIn page.. Oops : https://www.linkedin.com/in/lisafavier so clumsy how did that happen ! Also let's randomly say that I've graduated from a top university in France, and worked for major media brands and I don't need visa to work in London and I'm willing to be a trainee or something to work elsewhere