1. I just learned that
  2. You can't be peaceful anymore
  3. Watching a tv show on your computer with no news channel off
  4. I was in bed ready to sleep
  5. I just scroll Twitter one last time before sleeping
  6. And saw tweets about Nice
  7. Yes Nice, the nice city in the riveria nearby Cannes
  8. Nice on July 14th
  9. Our biggest national holidays
  10. People were finally enjoying life after a terrible year
  11. Watching the fireworks show at the famous "promenade des Anglais" street
  12. And a truck attacked
  13. Medias aren't showing any videos or pictures because they're too terrible apparently
    Ok update 1h later they are now. Why ? Why would you want people to watch a truck running on innocent lives. Stop the morbid voyeurism already.
  14. They talking about at least 60 people killed and Many others hurt (and counting)
    Just woke up to 84 dead. And many many injured
  15. I can't anymore
  16. I can't