So we often speak of "favorite songs" or "most beautiful love song" but this is another category, that every romantic has dreamed of. because I'm sure everyone dreamed of having a song written for them, and those are the ones I really wish were for me.
  1. Your song - Elton John
    Obviously #1. Favorite lyrics ever, please tell me it's for me !
  2. All about you - McFly
    Cutest song written by the cutest man : Tom Fletcher wrote it for then high school sweat heart and now wife Giovania. They're the cutest couple I love following them on IG they are so cute ! You may also know his viral YouTube videos like his wedding speech or the one with his son ! 😍 all about you is the ultimate song you want to be written for you since it means that ALL the other ones are also about you
  3. Can't take my eyes off you - Boys Town Gand (but sang by Heath Ledger)
    Because please tell me that I'm just too good to be true
  4. Si j'etais en manque - Sinclair
    I mentionned him in my French songs mixtape playlist. This song is as romantic as its sexy. He's asking "If I was in need" and the answer is yes, I'll be here. (Also, best arms in the business @aminam @magic @nantea @olive @alligeeshow cc @Fitz @nathanveshecco )
  5. Someone like you - Adele
    Yes, it's a breakup song but as mentionned in the introduction this ain't just about love songs. So, I really which someone could say those words to me after our break up.