Sooo you think summer is sexyyy for girls : think again.

Inspired by @JennyJLee and our fed upness
  1. Hmm yeah sweating is sexyyyyyyy
    Like that when I sponge my forehead and lips ?
  2. Except.. only Cameron Diaz sweat sexy in movies
  3. Is back sweat sexy ?
  4. Is under boobs sweat sexy ?
  5. Is butt sweat sexy ?
  6. Is sponging in public with whatever you find sexy ?
  7. Is sweating from head to toe sexy ? Really ?
  8. Head to toe means thighs sweating too..
  9. Speaking of that you think shorty short and dressed and skirts are sexyyyyyy ?!
  10. So how sexy is it exactly, when thighs friction is so hard that you get crazy hurtful chafing ?
  11. Veeeery Sexyyy right ?
  12. And bonus ! It's even more sexy cause : it stays with you for months yay !
  13. Oh and btw sweat plus skirt means : sticking to the chairs. Sexy too right ?
  14. Hope you pervy pervs that are happy our skin is out for the summer enjoyed !!!
    Also, fuck you !