Spoiler alert: IT'S ALL OF THEM
  1. Luke Skywalker
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    The guy has the worst "would you rather" : WYR not knowing your father? Or learn that it is Darth Vador ?
  2. Leia Organa
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    See above "Luke Skywalker". She did have a happy relationship with her parents for sure but stiiiill she learned who her biological father is so that can't be easy or healthy. Also she fall for the "bad boy" and had to deal with her son turning like her own dad. Not easy, Leia, not easy.
  3. Boba Fett
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    Poor kid saw his father being beheaded in front of him by a Jedi. We can't blame him for being trouble and wanting revenge for his dumb father. (The guy was dumb and a bad father anyway, how about not bringing the kid everywhere with you? How about not trying to fight Jedis?)
  4. Anakin Skywalker
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    Didn't know who his father was. Obsess with his mother and her death. Say in Episode 2 that Obi Wan is like a father to him. Try to kill him in Episode 3. Kill him in Episode IV. Daddy issues much ? ( almost killing his own son not include)
  5. Palpatine
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    Sick bastard that has a reverse Oedipus wanting Anakin to be his apprentice.
  6. Han Solo
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    We don't know much about his past (or maybe I haven't spend enough time on the Internet) but we met him as a smuggler so clearly there was some instability in his life. And we see him again 30 years later as someone who abandoned his family when shit got real. Plus this relationship with Chewie must still be defined
  7. C3PO
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    Most fucked up plot in Episode I : Anakin created C3PO. Now we know why he's like he is... #TeamR2D2
  8. Comte Dokku
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    So if Master/Padawan relationships is like father and son you can seen from how he received Yoda that he's got a problem with him
  9. Chewbacca
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    What's his deal following Han Solo everywhere ? Transferring much ? What is he running from ?
  10. Padmé Amidala
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    Ok so I don't know what her deal was but clearly to fall in love with a boy you met when he was 10 and not see that he's becoming a wacko until he killed everyone... Daaamn you must really have some daddy issues Padmé. (Also keeping the necklace he offered you WHEN HE WAS A CHILD after as an adult HE CHOCKED YOU) sorry that's not romantic that's pathologic
  11. Obi-Wan Kenobi
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    I only have a word for him : miskine. (Note from the author of this list: I made an editorial choice to put the "old" Obi in picture but I must say young one is even more miskine + Ewan Mcgregor is one of the only things I liked in the 2000s episodes)
  12. Jar Jar Binks
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    He has many problems, (the simple fact that they create him to sell more merch is one of them) so I'm sure somewhere between tons of issues he also got daddy's issues. Misa just your mouth
  13. Poe Dameron
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    Too good to be true
  14. General Hux
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    His father was also a commandant during of the Galactic Empire so now Hux Junior felt the need to step in his shoes to affirm his masculinity and feel as powerful as his father. See also Oedipe by Freud. Kill the father by becoming even stronger that him, not bad. I mean.. Totally bad guys but you get the idea
  15. Watto
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    You don't just become a slave owner and gambler without having a batshit crazy father
  16. Rey
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    So there's what we know for sure so anyway she was abandoned/left to another family. And there's the rumors about her father. And I must say I do believe the most obvious choice in here so yeah that's gonna be though for her. Actually no matter what's the answer is its gonna be hard.
  17. Finn
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    Poor guy, why couldn't you be a clone ? Nop you known you've been kidnapped as a kid so who's gonna try to find his parents in a prequel ?
  18. Yoda
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    Seriously having this much padawans for all those years.... Compensating you are.
  19. Kylo Ren
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    🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 psycho alert lever maximum. Literally "kill the father" type. No need to see Freud, kid..