The Parisian version of @nathanveshecco last list
  1. As a user I found Nathan last list cute
  2. As a Parisian I was much more dubitative
  3. So here is the list a bitchy Parisienne would wrote
    This Parisienne isn't me, obviously.
  4. If you see an old person or pregnant lady standing up in the bus, pretend to be focus on the window or your phone to never meet their eyes, so you don't have to give them your seat.
  5. If you see someone alone with a stroller at the top of the stairs to get in the metro, don't offer your help
  6. If two people ask to switch seats in a train to be seated together, say no.
  7. Don't hold doors, especially at the metro exit when you can see the person behind you running to catch it
  8. If a benevolent worker try to talk to you in the street to tell you about his foundation say that you don't have time
  9. Never help lost tourists