Surreal things that happened today I had to tweet about, ranked by WTFism

This day was intense. Billy Eichner intense x1000 Some things are cool, some are my fights, and some are so fucked up that it still managed to surprised us.
  1. I celebrated the victory of a longtime fight
  2. Who knew our president was good at burns ?
  3. Stop. With. The. Non-Original. Ideas.
  4. My fight was noticed
  5. I love you so much list-twitter but please learn french now
  6. Hello @hellogiggles can I write an editorial response ? I didn't see the musical but I AM FRENCH WITH FEELINGS
  7. Wow so surprised this is happening ! That's gonna be something
  8. Ok not my own tweet but I laughed a lot and honestly wish I could found this Facebook account to get updates
  9. Hollywood celebrating sexual assaulter yay
  10. A journalist explains that pay equity is impossible for the economy
  11. This was my rant in french mentioned in the tweet above. About an article about how the man that kidnapped and tortured a Jewish boy 10 years ago is radicalized and violent. OH REALLY ?
  12. Then I suddenly tweets about Trump golden showers. For people under 3 hours soft sensuality the new stupid comment about his inauguration that already feels old.
    @jeremysomething hope you're on that domain thing
  13. Putin fears Clinton. Nothing else to add...
  14. Ok now that's too much Im off now