Basically my Friday night was better than your !
  1. Taste of Paris is a part of Taste Festivals that apparently take place in dozens of cities so first thing first : check if there's one nearby your place !
  2. The concept is : Grand Chefs* at the Grand Palais
    Some chefs with 3* or 2* or other famous chefs that don't have stars yet but are still very very good and famous
  3. There are about 16 chefs that have "food stands" at one of the prettiest place of Paris : le Grand Palais
  4. Each chef proposes accessible plates (between 5 and 12€)
  5. So we saw the menu and thought a lot about strategy and what we'll have
    Of course I made a list of my favorite things days before !
  6. I was with my BFF Laura...
    And my mum Cathy that used guilt trip to come with us haha
  7. So Laura and I choose to take 3 meals and 2 desserts while my mum took 4 meals and 1 dessert
  8. It was so good !
  9. One of my favorite thing was this Salmon. I can't even tell you what was in it and that sauce but I'll dream of it tonight
    This is from Antoine restaurant by chef Thibaut Sombardier. Their restaurant is in Paris 16th (10 avenue de New-York)
  10. I the took this succulent beef at Mandarin Oriental by Thierry Marx
    It's a 2* restaurants rue Saint Honoré if you've read my "99 things to do in Paris" list you'll see I wrote about it: I never went but it's my dream, mostly cause I love the Chef Thierry Marx who's one of the most interesting man I've never seen ! (Google him) so I'm so happy I got to taste one of his meal ! Laura also took one dessert here and it was surreal !!
  11. We also went totally groupies with him
  12. For dessert I had this incredible chocolate and praliné and nuts things from Pierre Sang
    His restaurant is rue Gambey (Paris 11th) : I've never taste that kind of chocolate (call grand cru Valrhona)
  13. Then second dessert : Eclair Mokanis by Yann Couvreur
    Amazing I was a bit afraid with mix of moka and anis but it was magical (patisserie to be open soon)
  14. Note that Laura had a Chestnut-Blackcurrant one that was also to die for
  15. And we also had Alain Ducasse wine because of course we did ! lehaim !