1. And realize you didn't sign with your list app handle
    Where's the facepalm emoji ?
  2. I guess I could have say nothing and pretend it was me, as a statement who didn't want to reveal myself..
  3. But... After commenting a few that were wondering if we should sign or not "that we should totally reveal ourself" : it's a fail.
  4. Well I guess I'm the only Lisa from France so... That's a giant clue
    I guess it's pretty normal not to have the reflex to sign "@Lisa_Fav" but just Lisa. IM ONLY HUMAN OK.
  5. BUT : we dont follow each other's. BUT have many followers/ings in common
    May tag them later for more clues
  6. So they'll help hopefully
  7. Or I'll have to comment a lame "that was me" (nop)
  8. Also I've seen so cool gifts already received I'm so afraid mine is not as good
  9. Anyway at least it's send and almost on Time
    On the 10th instead of the 9th like @ChrisK asked but I'll use time zone jet lag excuse and a smile