That photo story I made in 4th grade cause my teacher was better than yours

Slightly changed the title of your request as you didn't have much details
  1. So the other day I posted that list
  2. Then I list teased™ @jeremysomething and here we are
  3. So I live in east Paris at Vincennes; a city with a cool castle cause IMMA A PRINCESS OK
  4. When I was in CM1 (fourth grade) (yes I looked for school equivalence)
  5. My awesome teacher was named Genieve Collange, the kind of teacher you still remember the name of; 19 years later.
  6. So we did this project with her which is the best school project I ever made !
  7. A "Roman photo" as we call ! That was also an historical project !
  8. We constructed a time machine and all people !
    So many good memories ! Of writing and creating !
  9. And since I keep a lot of thing... I present you.. "Les amants de Pierre" (The Stone Lovers")
    Written, interpreted, photographed by class of cm1A of l'ecole du sud
  10. Remember it was before Internet and photoshop, as the intro says "December 1997" !
    It's library day ! Some kids find an old paper in an old book
  11. They wonder if it's a papyrus
    But learn that papyrus is Egyptian
    Seriously this stop to teach about papyrus ?! Brilliant
  13. It's the holidays; the kids are at home and finally the girl that kept the paper realized its in French and tell her friend
    Now you know the origin of MY pic
  14. Then the teacher announced that today lesson is about a medieval writing "gothic" like in their paper ! The kids tell her about the paper and she's ok to keep them and try to translate them !
  15. The text finally translated; with historical explanation cause YAY LEARNING AGAIN !
    And basically an old man confessed witnessing dark magic when he was a kid and saw his uncle Jacques and his lover Celine being attacked by Grivolas, but he was too scare to solve the enigma
  16. Once the teacher finished reading the story the class is torn between those thinking it's true and other saying it's just a story
    Please note my very cool and chill pose
  17. So they're trying to find the statues at the chateau de Vincennes
    Yeah I forgot to sum up the story the teacher read but hint the name of the story Jacques and Celine are changed in stone statues in Vincennes
  18. They look everywhere in the castle
  19. But then they learn that at the time of Jacques and Celine the castle only had the Capetians manor
  20. So long story short it's decided to see Laura's grandpa that made a time machine because Of course
    I was so jealous she was picked for that part of the story. Still am. My grandpa and I would have kill it
  21. So then finally one kid will try it but printing in 1997 wasn't that good so...
  22. The first girl was sent in prehistoric make era, oopsy
  23. Then other were sent elsewhere in glorious montages
  24. Then finally someone get the enigma
    Oh yeah right they needed to go in the past to get the formula to deliver the lovers
  25. Finally a kid understand the enigma as it was a cool kid reverse slang; except in gothic of course
  26. The class go back to the castle and tell the code
    When finally a light comes out a door
  27. And bam; they delivered that couple
  28. And send them back to their era thanks to the machine
  29. ~ fin ~
  30. FYI we ended up in the city journal 😎
    You can get a better look of the machine and costume we made and how cool I was seriously
  31. That was Les Amants de Pierre, all rights reserved