I swear it wasn't weird at all when it happened but for some reasons, when I tell the story to people it sounds a bit odd
  1. Side note: how come he's not in this app yet ?!
  2. Summer 2011, I did a west coast trip with my BFF Laura
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  3. Staying mostly at my cousin's in Santa Clarita
  4. One day I told him about a time my mother went batshit crazy Jewish mom on me
    Like its another story that deserves its own list crazy
  5. Long story short, we ended talking about Criminal Minds. Learning that we knew and like the show, my cousin did some LA Magic connexions and by the time it was our last day he managed to set a visit of the studio for us
  6. That was so cool ! His friend was friend or brother with friend or brother of Joe Mantegna (I don't remember the connexion but we were on "Joe's list" and his assistant made us do an AWESOME tour
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    Here we are ready to heels up and all. Actor studio at its finest
  7. We met Joe who was very VERY nice. I guess after talking to us he saw that we weren't crazy people and even invited us to stay for lunch and also go to the table reading !
  8. So we have lunch (which btw I don't know who catered but it was so good !! BEST COOKIE EVER)
  9. And at some point Matthew Gray Gubler joined us too
  10. He also was as nice and funny as you may think he is (again why isn't he here?!)
  11. The table reading was so fun ! We met everyone and even got applause when introducing ourself as "Joe friends from Paris" (what he told us to say)
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    1. How thoughtful of him to brief us and tell us we'll have to talk, plus tell us to say that. 2.I love you America ! Only here saying you're from Paris gives you applause 3. Seriously every single member of the cast and crew members were all so NICE
  12. At the end we talked with everyone, took some pictures and Kirsten Vangsness (Penelope Garcia) said she loves my tshirt (white tshirt with "red is the new black written in red on it), and I think it was my GENIUS bff who said "to bad it's not Reid"!
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  13. MGG agreed that it would be funny and proposed to add the missing i
  14. That's right. On my boobs
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    Kristen was the first one pointing that it was awkward that Matthew was technically writing on my boobs. But I said it was ok since this is how French say hello
  15. List app meet my boobs, my boobs meet list app
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  16. We took some more pictures, mostly of my boobs
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    (I'm having a crazy face but my cousin Tammy was being very funny as usual)
  17. And selfies of me and my boobs
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  18. I never got a hold on those picts since it was his phone (I realized later that he wasn't very reachable actually)
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    But I have the pictures of the pictures so it counts and I know that he had pictures of my boobs (and me) on his phone at some point so it's good enough I guess
  19. ~ And that's the story of how I let Matthew Gray Gubler write on my boobs ~
  20. Funny side story, Joe tweeted this picture of us saying simply "friends from Paris" and my bff and I had to face HATERS OF THE INTERNET for the first time and it was awesome !
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    (Basically they thought that Laura didn't look happy enough and we didn't deserve to be here) (we weren't sure if "here" was with them or on earth in general.) That could be a "5 minutes of fame" story for @ListPrompts right ?