1. Meet Cathy (she prefers that than Catherine)
  2. Despite being afraid I'm always too cold she's a rather sane Jewish mum
  3. In 2010/2011 I was living in Bruxelles
  4. I had just booked my holidays plan to go to the West Coast with my BFF Laura
    I described my trip in other lists but FYI it was SF then staying at my cousins place in Santa Clarita with just few weeks ends away (in Vegas or San Diego)
  5. One night around April my mum called me up a bit late on my HOME phone
    I mean for a Jewish mum calling home after 9.30 is weird
  6. And then she casually say those things, with no introduction, in that order :
    My answers in description part
  7. Lisa, when you'll be in the US...
    Yeah.. (I thought she was gonna ask for something regarding my cousins)
  8. I don't want you to go hitch hiking.
    What ? Mum do I look like a girl who hitch hike. I don't hitch hick in France do you think I'll do it there ? And yeah Laura also looks like someone who does that
  9. Well actually I don't know her that well
    I've known her since I'm 11. She's the most serious of all my friends and is about to be already a psychologist at 23.
  10. Well.. Well I just don't want you to hitch hack
  11. Nor go to gas stations
    Ok mum. You know we won't even drive right ? We're taking southwest for our getaways
  12. At night
  13. Cause they're a LOT of freed serial killers over there
    Mum. Are telling me not to hitch hick at a gas station by night because of serial killers ?
  14. Yes. It's dangerous.
    Mum ?
  15. Yes ?
    Are you watching Criminal Minds ?
  16. Yes...
    Ok turn off the tv and good night
  17. ~ And that the story of the time my mum went batshit crazy ~
  18. But thanks to that, on our first night with my cousins he actually needed gas so I told him the story. He and his wife were crying laughing and we took that wonderful picture to send to her
    And that's also that discussion that leads to Matthew Gray Gubler writing on my boobs 😉 (THAT TIME I LET MATTHEW GRAY GUBLER WRITE ON MY BOOBS )