The Color Line : African-Americans artists and the segregation

yesterday I went to see this exhibition at musée du quai branly with @aubreyljohnson which left us speechless. The purpose of the exhibition isn't just a chronological history of African American from end of slavery to nowadays but to really let African American artists reapproriate their story and history and shine a light on their work.
  1. From the booklet: "What role did art play in the search for equality and an affirmation of black ident in segregated America ? The exhibition pays tribute to the African American artists and thinkers who contributed, throughout almost a century and a half of struggle, to blurring this discriminatory "color line".
    Although the end of the American civil war in 1865 signaled the abolition of slavery, the racial demarcation line would continue to mark American society, as the militant w.e.b du bois foresaw in 1903 in The Soul of Black Folks. The exhibition returns to this dark period in the United States through a cultural history of its black artists, a major target of this discrimination.
  2. Cont:
    From the racist themes of American vaudeville in the 19th century shows to the cultural and literary ferment of the Harlem Renaisse in the early 20th century, from the pioneers of black activism to the indictment of singer Billie Holiday, there are almost 150 years of artistic production -painting, sculpture, photography, cinema, music and literature- which attest to the rich creativity of the black protest"
  3. See text above, very interesting to discover Bert Williams
  4. Greatest singer period ?
  5. And WEB Du Bois work
  6. Tongue by Archibald J. Motley Jr
  7. The plotters by Archibald J. Motley Jr
  8. I love the art celebrating sport victories
    Jack Johnson by Raymond Sanders
  9. Oliver W. Harrington
    So many of his sketches were so actual I can't upload them all but look for them (btw I'm writing artists names for you to check them out if intrigued !)
  10. Meanwhile what the press said...
  11. The part about lynchages was very hard to watch and there was Strange Fruits playing in that portion of the exhibit very powerful work about it.
    And the other portion with articles and picture made me tear up and most important : the dates. This was really yesterday it's frightening
  12. Into Bondage by Aaron Douglas
  13. Mr Prejudice by Horace Pippin
  14. Douglass Square by Allan Rohan Crite
  15. I have so much pictures, I can't share everything, come see it ! I've learned so much historically and artistically !
  16. Mood much ?
  17. Deluxe by Ellen Gallagher
  18. Origin of the Universe by Mickalene Thomas
    Best reprise of the origin of the world ! And so much glitter
  19. We came to America by Faith Ringgold
  20. "No matter how raggly the flag, it still got to tie us together" by Thornton Dial
  21. Friendly reminder that history always repeats itself
  22. The exhibition is in Paris til January 15th. Didn't hear about it traveling yet but will update if the curator annonces it