I was just gonna do a french election 101 but Jess LRed it that way.
  1. The basics: France has a direct voting election, in two rounds*, for a 5 years term
    *any candidate that had more than 500 signatures by national and local elected officials can be a candidate. First round has all the candidate, then the two with more votes face off in round 2. / round 1 is today and round 2 is on May 7th
  2. Here we go for 2017
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  3. I made a less than 2 minutes videos summing up the candidates here https://www.facebook.com/Brutlive/videos/1727874190844426/
  4. But for more details: currently the two extremes (left and right) were higher in the last polls, Marine Le Pen and Jean-Luc Mélenchon.
  5. Yup populism is high in France too
  6. Historic moment earlier this year: François Hollande (socialist) didnt run for his election
    I'll come back to social after, but that made a mess in the party for sure.
  7. Few months ago François Fillon (republican) was 1st first in poll and very likely to win but many scandals killed his campaign and image so he's not that high in poll but my personal feeling is that he wont be that low, people will still vote for him for fear of extremes winning or just because they're still right voters and it's their candidate
  8. Socialist candidate, Benoit Hamon is very low, lowest for a socialist candidate, historically the 2nd party in France. He won the primary (defeating 1st minister Manuel Valls) but his party didn't really support him and long story short he's so low in polls my boss cut him off of previous video!!
    Hes the classic socialist candidate I can't really develop more except some people wrongly compared Bernie sanders to Mélenchon while actually He's closer to Hamon
  9. Then comes Emmanuel Macron, the indépendant centrist. He was socialist economy minister under Holland so despite being new in the game he has votes from center left and center right. Yes he also married his french teacher, that fact is really important to my brother who loves Brigitte a lot.
    Macron is center. He's also problematic has he changes his mind a lot about things. He might make it to the 2nd round but I'm afraid he just talks to Parisians/big cities entrepreneurs etc. Also Manuel Valls ended up supporting him and not Hamon aka dramaaa
  10. Mélenchon is very good in media term and I have friends voting for him, but for me he's just as bad as marine LePen. He managed to make people forget he's far left but just left. Also left people afraid Hamon losing are thinking of voting for him.
  11. I'm too tired to talk about marine lepen: she's far right; terrible, scary because she's actually very smart unlike her dad, ambitious and good with medias. She managed to polish a bit her party for some. I'm scared af.
    I tried to stay neutral in my list but like not for her. Good bless the internet for that pic.
  12. I avoid leaking and rumors and twitter so far but I guess it's 5:30 and denial must end
    Bureaux close at 7 or 8 depending of their location. We won't have official first results until 8. And out of voting polls survey around 6:30
  13. I don't know what else to say, I thought maybe this could be a AMA? Hint me with your question if you have some!
    I wanted to end with a pic of my elector card but I'm such a good citizen that they kept him because I volunteered to open the envelope at my local voting bureau tonight!
  14. What are your views on whether there was a smear campaign against Fillon?
    Suggested by @Diplomatic_diva
  15. He made that to himself by a playing the 'straight man' card. Because in his party during the primary there was many candidates involved in scandals so he presented himself as the clean serious man. And not only he is not,but it just kept getting more and more scandalous (his wife! his kids! the suits! It was for longer than the first claims etc)
  16. So little update but right?
    Look at me being a good citizen
  17. You've read it everywhere already it's a macron and lepen face off.
  18. I was scared of a battle between to extremes so a part of me is relieved. And another is sad of how normal the fact that lepen made it to second round seems to be.
  19. I was right on calling on Mélenchon on his extremism as its 11:30 and he still hasn't call to vote against far right unlike all the other major candidates
  20. It's historical as our two major parties got eliminated. Parties that has been governing for decades. Candidates that won primaries.
  21. Anyway I don't think she'll win but I don't think that she'll loose "that much"
  22. See you again on May 7th