Hmm thanks for the request I guess @jessicaz : after weeks of whatsapp voice texts and snaps apparently my voice deserves a list. Hopefully it's because my voice is sexy not hilarious right ?
  1. Whatever in French
    French is sexy apparently so I'm using it (I made a terrible French joke please French speaking list Appers, don't tell them)
  2. Sexy voice : selling jazz album kind of voice
    Very natural of course, I woke up like this.
  3. Hopefully my real voice ?
  4. 2am voice
    Sorry for it its too slow and annoying
  5. Suddenly musical voice
    I'm sorry for anytime it happened
  6. The annoying American cliché accent
  7. Rap voice
    The one that started the request, as posted on @magic 's list LIST APP LIVE: ONLINE this is me. Kinda rapping. Mostly laughing. Kinda Eminem (from my List Yourself list)