1. My tv is showing the same videos over and over again
    It's streets I know so well but don't recognize
  2. My Twitter is a wall on which are pin missing persons posters
    It's the 2015 versions of that. It's heartbreaking. It's only young and beautiful people. That I feel I could have been friends with.
  3. And now it's 7pm and unfortunately they're not missing anymore
    My friend and his sister inside the concert were lucky enough to survived. But now I see everywhere friends of friends. And of others friends. It's terrible.
  4. I did put a French flag on my profile picture
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    And still not sure why. And when will I put it off ? It's a weird thing to do. Weirder not to do
  5. I do see all the thoughts and words from everyone everywhere
    And it does help and makes us smile or a bit happier. But sometimes a dark thoughts pop up : no you don't know. Neither do I you may add. And there's been so many speeches before this is saying it's gonna end that didn't change anything.
  6. Some times the thoughts are even darker
    As a Jew I've seen attacks on schools, and in the streets and at the Hypercasher. People didn't react enough. And it makes me mad. Guess it wasn't as shocking when it was French Jewish ?
  7. I do see hope in people
    The #PorteOuverte really worked and no one slept outside. There was also so many people coming to give blood that hospitals asked for people to stop coming before at least Monday
  8. There's nice drawings that say things better than words
    One of my favorite is from Plantu but it won't fit in a square. https://twitter.com/plantu/status/665466830019014657
  9. 129 people are dead. 353 are harmed. And 66 millions hurt.
    It's in my country. Nobody went out today. Everything was closed.
  10. I'm afraid of the political recuperation
    That just so good for the National front..
  11. I started live Listing the attacks yesterday having no ideas it was going to be the worst terrorist attack ever in France.
    I thought it was something that failed as the stade de France wasn't that touched and the game was still playing on Tv. Apparently it's what went wrong in their plan. It was supposed to be the biggest attack thankfully it didn't work. It was a live event with the president being present in the stade
  12. Now it's the morning after, I don't have any plan b pill
    It's almost 8 pm I'm still in my pajamas, keep watching the tv. Having no sense of timing whatsoever. I don't what I'm looking for scrolling and watching news .. That someone say "it was a joke !" ? It makes no sense
  13. Now I just light a candle at my window
    For all those people who were enjoying a show, a football game, having drinks, eating a bobun: dancing, living, enjoying life.. Like no tomorrow's