The Office Characters ranked by accuracy of their bobbleheads

Because it's important to rank actors on how much a bobblehead looks like them
  1. 17.
    Sometimes you're looking for Christmas presents and google gives you that to work with
    I was looking for a stefon bobblehead and found this. Before you ask, I think there's only the Dwight that is for sale
  2. 16.
    Still the worst Toby
    Yes it's pretty ressemblant but one can't rank Office characters and not put him last.
  3. 15.
    *turns head to the camera and gives a confused look*
  4. 14.
    How dare they ?!
  5. 13.
  6. 12.
    It took me too long to even guess who that was; despite having most of the characters described already. No
  7. 11.
    Looking way too presidential and not enough creepy
  8. 10.
    Doesn't capture the real Meredith vibe
  9. 9.
    Artistic choice of choosing bearded Ryan, why not. Although goatee is always better. bit confused in the choice of accessory, but again why not. Now let's be real this doesn't look like @bjnovak (hi BJ, if you're actually happy with it and would like me to rate that better I'll obviously respect your judgement )
  10. 8.
    I realize she must be hard to do (that's what she said) not my type to ask a girl to smile but my type to ask people who made that to make her more smiley/softer eyes
  11. 7.
    What with the nose ? But nice attitude overall and I mean perfect accessory choice this time
  12. 6.
    There's definitely something although I disagree on the glasses choice.
  13. 5.
    Is that Seth Meyers ?
  14. 4.
    Darryl : accessorize helps
  15. 3.
    Yeah ok with it
  16. 2.
    Would look nice on Dwight's desk
  17. 1.