I'm very proud to say that I didn't even had to use google for that. (So be indulgent if I forgot one or two) (couple = guest bf/gf seen more than once, therefor not Joey's one night stands)
  1. 24.
    Rachel & Joey
    Worst. Thing. Ever. They knew it. We knew it. Everyone knew it. (The only good thing that came out of that is the "I'm fine" scene of Ross. FAJITAS!)
  2. 23.
    Rachel and Barry
    She left him at the altar. But then ends up re-seeing him, only to realize he was still a cheating ass. Hard pass.
  3. 22.
    Monica & Fun Bobby
    So the relationship was fun when he was an alcoholic but then he became sober and Monica starts drinking. Not a good relationships 101.
  4. 21.
    Phoebe and Gary
  5. 20.
    Ross & Elizabeth/Bruce Willis daughter
  6. 19.
    Rachel and Paulo
    Said Rachel, "All it really was was just, ya know, meaningless animal sex."
  7. 18.
    Joey & Kathy
    Drama drama drama
  8. 17.
    Rachel & Joshua
    Actually there isn't much scenes of them once together, but I just love the night she tries to seduce him.. And also when she asked him to marry her because of Ross and Emily
  9. 16.
    Ross & Carol
    Ok technically we've never see them together as a couple (except in flashback & what if) but I mean, they were college sweethearts, got married, she realized she was lesbian, got a kid, and he walked her down the aisle to her second wedding. I know it's not a "relationship relationship" but it's a very beautiful relation that i ship
  10. 15.
    Joey & Charlie
    It was cute to see Joey in a real relationship but I don't know where they really wanted to go with Charlie character. I think they didn't know neither, too bad
  11. 14.
    Ross & Charlie
    Actually if they didn't make her go out with Joey... would have been much better. As soon as they met we saw a bound between them, so it could have worked without having Joey heartbroken kissing Rachel (see last place in this list), I mean she was a cool and hot paleontologist plus a VERY subtle attempt to make people forget 9 years of lack of diversity, but her exit is one of the meanest ever
  12. 13.
    Ross & Emily
    Speaking of Ross and Emily. I learned way later that they write her off earlier than they first planned it because of her pregnancy which explains a lot especially their divorce and all those phone calls scenes. But tbh before getting married (way to soon) (and Ross saying the wrong name) I must say they were cute
  13. 12.
    Rachel & Tag
    They were cute enough (especially Rachel fixation on his ass, which gave the viewer a nice view) but Rachel realized she was past that and I believe it's one of the most well put break up of the show
  14. 11.
    Ross & Mona
    Poor Mona : bad timing much ? But she also was kind of weird : what with those holiday cards already ? Plus the fact that she actually stays with Ross despite the all Rachel's pregnant thing is kind of suspicious
  15. 10.
    Phoebe & David
    From the one that got away to actually not the one : they were cute plus Hank Azria is always good to see
  16. 9.
    Monica & Richard
    Only those 2 actors could make that work and they did ! And the reason they broke up, facing the reality of their lives and future plans, is one of the saddest yet most intelligent thing ever. When he said he'll have kid "if he has to" and what she answered.. Oh lord. Ok I'm sad again
  17. 8.
    Chandler & Kathy
    I love Paget Brewster and they were cute but it broke Joey heart so meh
  18. 7.
    Rachel & Bruce Willis
    I don't even care what's the character name was, I know it's Elizabeth father but it's just Bruce Willis and he's awesome in it ! WHAT A NEAT GUY !
  19. 6.
    Ross & Julie
    They were very cute ... But she's not Rachem
  20. 5.
    Chandler & Janice
    They are like the bad version of Ross and Rachel in a parallel universe. So many on and off but there was something ! Plus when Janice left to give a second chance to her marriage and Chandler listen to Endless love is one of the best scene OF ALL TIME
  21. 4.
    Carol & Susan
    I think the show was actually pretty "in advance" regarding gay wedding and all ! So they're not technically members of the 6 friends but they're a Friends couple and one of the best and STRONGEST : they're are cute; raise a child and went through a lot (like when Carol parents disapproved the wedding) (or when Phoebe used Ben to meet her idol)
  22. 3.
    Phoebe & Mike
    All I wanna write is cheesy heart emojis. When he plays the piano without a piano after meeting her : he won my heart. That's how I met Paul Rudd and for a long time for me he was "Mike from friends" and I crushed even harder after seeing his other works
  23. 2.
    Ross & Rachel
    When being "Ross and Rachel" is now an actual adjective to describe people, you can't really add much more to that. They're are fucking Ross and Rachel, they're lobster, they were on a break and she get off the plane
  24. 1.
    Chandler & Monica
    Could they be anymore cute ? I KNOOOW ! Seriously the actual real love story of the show, that has a "normal" development with great moments and so cute and funny and also sad sometimes and they're perfect and that's it.