1. Once upon a time there was a wooden red square
  2. Wooden red square couldn't wait to enter that world
  3. But unfortunately he just couldn't
  4. He didn't get why
  5. He was trying oh so very hard
  6. Pushing from all his sides
  7. He even tried hitting the box hard. The box almost broke but he still didn't get in.
  8. The red square got pretty depressed not to get in, when he knew that many others who managed to go through it so easily
  9. He wanted to cut one of his angle for that
  10. He really didn't care if it will hurt he just wanted to fit and get in
  11. That way he thought, I'll be happy
  12. Once, he heard voices telling that triangle should go with the triangle and square with square
  13. And then, it happened
  14. No need to cut off one of his part !
  15. So he was ready to fit the hole
  16. And yes, it fits.
  17. Not the hole is big aiming but another one that was just as good
  18. And he went through the wooden box
  19. But once in, nothing special happen neither
  20. It was close, dark, and boring.
  21. Not fitting in the triangle hole depressed him but fitting in the square one and being in the box didn't make him happy neither
  22. After awhile he finally got off the box and place in an open air one
  23. There, he met other wooden forms with different size and colors
  24. He asked them if they liked the box
  25. Some triangles said yes, 1 circle said no and many squares didn't even went in yet
  26. So the wooden red square started speaking to people who didn't like the box either anyway
  27. Some had the same experience of not fitting a hole for awhile ! Ironically there was this triangle who didn't fit in the square hole. Some went in after their first try but still didn't like it right away, some just got tired of it.
  28. The more they talked the better he felt
  29. He realized that fitting was never the main point, that the box wasn't the arrival neither
  30. What matters was being with others and to find other forms to be with.
  31. The moral of this story being obviously to get a tablet to your kid.