Thanks for the request @nathanveshecco you'll be in my thanking in the booklet
  1. The time zone blues
    Not an actual blues tho
  2. Hold me in your (fore)arms
  3. Une chanson d'amour
    A love song called literally "a love song" in French
  4. I'm cute (only on the Internet)
    Reasons I'm not cute IRL and reasons I am in the Internet
  5. Who win who lose ? (You do)
    I win you lose chorus 1 / you win I lost chorus 2 and we won we lost chorus 3
  6. Crushable
    And ode to all the crushable babes
  7. Insomnia
    Written in the middle of the night
  8. What's next ?
    Good question, I know
  9. Hello , please be kind and love me, thank you very much
  10. Hot and vanilla
    Kinky romantic
  11. Hidden track
    Is that still a thing ?