The Ultimate (One Way) Crush Playlist

Yeah I called it Crushing it. Damn it's the second playlist I make this week. Is it 1999 ?! Am I doing mixtapes ?!
  1. Happy together - The turtles
    Imagine me and you? i do. So obviously belonging to that list
  2. I want you to want me
    I know it's originally cheap trick but come on, letters to Cleo guys !
  3. Love me, please love me - Michel Polnareff
    He suis fou de vous .
  4. Le coup de soleil - Richard Cocciante
    French speaker who know the song might laugh. But: Mais tu n'es pas là, et si je rêve tant pis. (Not found on Apple Music strangely, search it yourself if intrigued)
  5. Teenage dream - Darren Criss version
    I'll fight this choice (the piano version isn't on Apple Music tho but it's ok the glee cover is)
  6. I can't help falling in love with you- Ingrid michaelson
    This may be the best cover ever made.
  7. Alone together - Daley fear Marsha Ambrosius
    If you have only time for one song, listen to this one
  8. That look you give that guy - The Eels
    Little update of the playlist ! How could I forget the ultimate song for that ?! You can of course sing it in your head changing guy by girls if neeed
  9. I'd rather be with you - Joshua Radin
    Duh Im even listing about it
  10. You have a power on me - Soko
    Fun fact Soko can do happy songs ! And this one is so cute + the clip was made with Matthew Gray Gubler and it's even cuter