Update : I started this list when the news broke having no idea it will end that tragically. I'm in shock. Strangely live listing the events helped and calmed me down
  1. One in one of my favorite concert hall, one in the 11th district, on the 10th plus apparently an explosion nearby the stade de France where there's a game tonight
  2. Less than a year after Charlie
  3. And the kosher market, which btw is just a few meters from my home
  4. I've always feel safe in Paris before last year
  5. I'm in chocked
  6. I don't know much more
  7. What happened
  8. Who are they
  9. I think there's still uncatched
  10. This is my favorite concert hall, I live near the 11th district and my family in the corner of the street
  11. Audience members are hold as hostages
  12. I have a draft about being a Jewish girl in Paris nowadays but it never felt right to share it
  13. Ok now I had my bff on the phone who was having a panic attack
  14. Many texts between friends asking where everyone is
  15. It's surreal
  16. Wtf is happening
  17. According to French press there's 30 people who perished, around 15 at the concert, the hostage taking is still happening
  18. People were enjoying a Californian rock concert when it happened (Eagles Of Death metal)
  19. As for the stade everyone seems like ok but people are staying inside as the outside and metro are less safer
  20. Now there are talking about 60 deaths
  21. Some people in the concert hall managed to escape
    I used to work for a rock radio station and I'm afraid some people from there are in the concert
  22. Apparently now it's SIX stacks in Paris
  23. Btw my family and close friends are all safe and sound thanks for your nice thoughts
  24. They're now officially starting to speak of terrorism
  25. It's Friday night here in a very youngish neighborhood I've never had that much texts, messages, FB status of friends saying they're safe, or staying in coffees and bars it really is surreal
  26. It's now the biggest attack in Paris since wwii
  27. Paris authority officials asked Parisian to stay inside
  28. There may have other attack near the Louvre but don't know much about it yet
  29. I Know for sure à Friend from my old work Was at the concert and without news
  30. President Hollande is speaking, France closes its frontier
  31. This isn't a journalist list its very personal I'm in chock still no news from our friend while the tv is still announcing crazy things and number and the images and videos and wtf is happening
  32. Its now forbidden to leave your house
  33. Apparently my friend is outside but his sister is still in
  34. The assault inside the concert hall is over.. Terrorists are dead
  35. It was actually 7 attacks
  36. Omg his sister is ok !!!!
  37. 100 people died at the Bataclan. A concert hall where I've seen the best shows and laugh at stand up specials.. My friend and his sister are alive and it's a miracle but I can believe this just happen. Please tell me I'll wake up
  38. Thanks you for all the kind wishes. I started this list not knowing what was happening. I had no idea it will end up like this nightmare. I'm shock like everyone.
  39. In case you have friends or family in Paris lost or outside the hashtag #PortesOuvertes (open doors) is here (people welcoming others and people looking for help) so spread the word
  40. I started this list 3 hours ago, when the news broke and I really never would have thought it was gonna be that violent and immense. I'll stop here for now thanks again for your kind wishes
  41. It's 3am. It's unbelievable. About 120 people perished tonight. Around 80 at a concert, 20 were having drinks at a bar. We often say "it could have be Me" but tonight it really was. People were young, going out on Friday night..
  42. France is now under the "state of emergency" (not sure it's called like that in English) for the first time since the 60s
  43. Heartbreaking Twitter and FB posts of people looking for their family and friends who were at the concert or turns Charonne or even at Stade de France. (There's a emergency number to call if someone needs help let me know)