In chronological order
  1. My bed
    I guess I should pretend that I do it every day but who am I kidding ? I don't. Never. Barely. I'm wasting/gaining time
  2. Pluck some hair
  3. Install a new printer
    In a box for 4 weeks. To be fair it's not procrastinating ! Au contraire ! I'll eventually have to print my work tomorrow
  4. Breakfast
    Not procrastinating: a healthy living !!
  5. More plucking
  6. Play Solitaire on my phone
  7. Sending Voice records to @jessicaz
  8. Installing printer is longer than expected
  9. Printer is on... well it's already 12 should I start making lunch ?
  10. I opened EXCEL !!! Come on budget I'll make you my bitch
  11. Wait first let's order a pizza
  12. Bon appétit
  13. Scrolling on the 30 something pages of gimmeflair with no intention of but anything
  14. I've never been more on Facebook in years damn
  15. Time to prep dîner tho right ?
  16. Watch a documentary about the best (female) comedian in France
    I've already seen it anyway
  17. Who procrastinate all day, goes to bed with Excel.
    Do you think the idiom will stay in history ?
  18. OH And OF course: list.