Things I miss the most about my dad

Oh yeah on the 15th I'm celebrating another anniversary... that actually was the 2nd list I wrote but I deleted it when people started following me (I wrote all my first lists on the 15th what an anniversary really) so I guess it's time that this list is back. 10 years ago my life was crushed I was 18 and I've now lived 1/3 of my life without him
  1. His laugh
    I'm scare of forgetting it
  2. His singing voice
    Can't believe a friend sent us an actual tape of his songs !
  3. When he played me guitars to make me "fall asleep" but really just to play and make sure I was too happy and excited to fall asleep
  4. When we would read me bedtime stories and being great at voices
  5. When he volunteered every time we were at a park's show
  6. His rai necklace
    Only material thing i wish i had that probably got stolen by the ambulance guys 😔
  7. The way he would tell we were very much alike especially regarding social life, friends and humor
  8. How he found me a Jew camp when I wanted to try one
  9. How he found me a theater school
  10. How he managed to make me meet my idol when I was 14
  11. The way he looked at me on my 18th birthday day while i was just passing by for a minute to get something
  12. The way he looked at me that Friday night
  13. The way he was keeping everyone together
  14. His eyes and his smile
  15. Him