Because sometime there's just a tiny step between obsession and not giving a fuck. And vice versa.
  1. My hair
    I could (should?) make a list of 24h of my hair and you'll understand that statement. I don't control what's happening on my head. Sometimes it bothers me, sometimes it doesn't & most of the time I just wear a bun.
  2. Making it
    Whatever "it" is. Sometimes it's hoping for a big career change. Sometimes it's just loving what I'm currently doing.
  3. Corgis or any cute things from the Internet
    It all started as a joke toward a friend who's obsess with them. But now every time I post one funny video on her Facebook's page I end up watching 15 videos of those.
  4. My job
    I can go from "overly stressed and insecure and want to do the best" to "crap im lazy and won't do anything" in a heartbeat
  5. At what time should I post my lists
    Because yes jet lag's a bitch and I know now that if I want (most) people to be able to be awake to read me it shouldn't be between "my" 8-11 am. But guess what, sometime I do that anyway (so check out my maybe missed lists 😁)
  6. Knowing where I'vee seen this actor/actress before
    Ok that can is an actual obsession most of the times and ruines my movie/serie but I became very good at googling efficiently so... i don't care since I know I'll found out soon, hopefully.
  7. My nails
    Big mystery: how can I be totally OPI obsess, go get mani or spend 1.30 hour at home to do my nails. But then have chipped nails for weeks like a 2005 Lindsay Lohan.
  8. My age
    Currently 27. Am I too old ? Is it too late? Nah I'm young wild and free. Right ?
  9. Being late
    Note that it's not about rather being late or not. I'll be late and that's a fact. Now will I'll be overly guilty and sweaty or will I use my motto "late for late, meh I'll be late".
  10. My poop
    Thank you Internet for articles about that. Cause now, sometimes I'm kind of hyper hypochondriac so I kind of end up wondering if its color and form are normal or if am I dying. Sometimes I don't give a shit (wasn't that the best pun ever ?)