Beside that I'm a very honest person.
  1. "Oh I got a problem with my voice mail box'
    Problem is I just really don't want to hear vocal messages. So I just didn't call it therefore I didn't receive your message
  2. "Can we say 1.30 instead of 1 ? I'm afraid I'll be late"
    I'll also be late at 1.30 but I'm planning to sleep anyway
  3. "I'm allergic to mushrooms"
    I hate mushrooms
  4. "You just can wear everything"
    She really can. I can't. Life is unfair
  5. "Yeah I think I heard of him/her/it"
    I've been stalking and googling that thing or person for days. And nights.
  6. "Yeah I'll try to show up"
    You will never see me there
  7. "Yeah I've seen the movie, of course"
    I've seen the trailer.
  8. "I'm at (insert subway station)"
    I'm 5 stations before that station
  9. "Never read Harry Potter ? Yeah sure I understand"
    I do not understand and somethings missing in you life, you muggle.