Actually having my 2 bffs in mind writing this, with things I or they did. And one we didn't.
  1. Crashed over cause you forgot your keys at 1 am
  2. Call her on your way home to ask to come at her place cause you feel like crying
  3. Serve her her first shot ever after a break up
  4. Comfort her throught break ups and bullshits
  5. Rush to give her an adaptor before she leaves to the US
  6. Clean her mess (vomit)
  7. Clean her mess (emotionally)
  8. Let her crash over for days until things go better on her side
  9. Walk her dog at 7 am on a Sunday
  10. Be here after a 3 am call for an emergency and let her sit on your lap all night
  11. Send her a text before/during an important moment for her
  12. Worrying about her but not letting her worry about your worrying
  13. ...
  14. But I've never, ever, "clear comments about our friendship"
    Damn are we even friends ??!!
  15. Oh yes. Yes. Yes we are.