Yes, time travel have well known rules like you can't affect the past/future. So it has to be subtle and not make your family billionaires or kill baby Hitler
  1. Go to a Queen concert
    I'm still not over the fact that I'll never get to live that
  2. Crash a party at Versailles
    Those guys were all about booze and curvy ladies : I would have such a success. Also there's a risk to find a portrait of me somewhere in the Louvre which I'll have to pretend is just a coincidence (but honestly that painter was sooo stalking me)
  3. Harass Gene Kelly
    I'm not a stalker, a groupie, not very fan of anyone (except for a French comedian when I was 13) so really i promise I'm a sane person. But I would totally find a way to stalk him, meet him, and.. You know when an American is in Paris..
  4. Have a drink with Serge Gainsbourg
    I won't talk just listen
  5. Spend some times in the 60s and 70s
    Really just to dress up without looking like a vintage wannabe hippie or mad men cosplayer
  6. Hug Chaplin
    Rather when he was a child or when he was old
  7. Go to more concerts
    Again the least risqué thing to do in a way of not changing history but possibly change my life so I'll go see : the Doors, Serge Gainsbourg (he invited me after our drink), The Beatles, all Woodstock, Edith Piaf, The Clash
  8. Watch a Moliere play and a Mozart recital
  9. Getting inside Warhol's factory
    I'll make myself tiny teeny and crash an exhibition /show with the Velvet
  10. Have a crazy night in the Paris of La Belle Époque
    Are those books and movies real ? Let's drink absinthe with Lautrec, Heminguay and Fitzgerald and find out !