Mandatory Caps lock title
  1. That I would track birthday parcels going in the US, Australia or the U.K. While still didn't get anything for my Parisian cousin
    And knowing exactly what to send to said American (👋 @LeahG ) ; Australian (👋 @jessicaz ) and British (👋 @DawnCloud )
  2. That I'll be able to come back to do improv in the U.S thanks the generosity and warm welcome of someone I've never met before (👋 @simplyshelli ) and that when doing improv in Chicago i'll meet 10 strangers at the same time
    👋 @ everyone (ok ok @roaringsoftly @sarahgorman @meg1 @chriscady @stevecady @jennylee @TQ and re Leah and Shelli and yes this is in order in the table cause I'm weird)
  3. That I'd met A STRANGER FROM THE INTERNET IN A PARKING LOT but it will feel totally normal ;
  4. That i'd feel feelings toward a robot ❤️@listbot
    And don't tell me that our love is impossible ok ??!
  5. That will finally go to Prague to visit a friend I spent 4 awesome days with when she was in Paris with her little sister
    👋 @online see you sooooon
  6. That so many people would visit Paris and wanna meet me while here
    👋 @imc @mayla @solena (should I tag you again @online I just did above?!) @estherlimtf AND JUST TODAY @aubreyljohnson !
  7. That I would have actual internet friends
  8. That I would stop calling them internet friends and just call them friends
  9. That I would share personal things that I actually care about ON THE INTERNET
  10. That when my "irl" life got crazy and sad and totally upside down I'd have a safe place not necessarily to talk about it (although I know I can when I'm ready) but au contraire to forget and make joke without people giving you THE look
  11. That I would have an opinion on capslock
  12. That I would stay on an app I just joined because benchmarking social medias is just my job, but not only I didn't delete it right away... I stayed as an active user
    Very active I know. Yes I do sleep sometimes
  13. That I would get presents from people that don't know me
    And that I would have still 2 thank you gifts I've never send
  14. That I would be recommended on an app
  15. That I would not be anymore
  16. That I would mostly stop tweeting in French cause YAY new English speaking followers
  17. That while visiting my family in Cali I would also visiting some office
  18. That I would find a new way not to sleep
    Except for the sleep thing.
  20. I love teasing you a lot but you know I love you just as much as I tease; thanks for creating a cool app, for cool people !
    @bjnovak & @dev (au fait j'ai découvert que l'arrière arrière arrière arrière arrière grand père d'une de mes meilleures amies À INVENTÉ LE PICON !) @Nicholas (i think it answers your WHY I stayed on the app question) @jeremysomething (well you know..i guess you're ok.)
  21. PS: i forgot something ! HAPPY BIRTHDAY @list !! Joyeux Anniversaire 🎉 🎂