1. Not being understood because me English is no good or me culture is different
  2. Not understanding you because me English is no good or me culture is different
  3. Nice and kind and also dry humor and sassy and sarcastic
    See #1
  4. "Sorry I was out of battery"
  5. Will drop my beverage on you
    My BFF won't sit in front of me since that Monaco cocktail accident in 2011 (the glass may have gone from full to empty, on her). Note that I am also terrible with empty beverages as I managed to put some coffee on @jeremysomething sweat and list HQ wall when I visited this summer I THOUGHT MY CUP WAS EMPTY IT WASNT BUT ITS AN HONEST MISTAKE HOW COULD HAVE I KNOWN RIGHT ?!!
  6. Tearing up from the heart not the eyes
  7. Will rewatch and relisten the same piece of arts a lot
    But my to watch or to listen list is big I swear
  8. Using humor as coping mechanism
    See #3
  9. Having to google "coping mechanism" to be sure I use that word correctly
  10. Will hesitate for a LONG TIME to pick up a nail polish color
  11. Watching the prices of random flights to random countries (with no attention of buying anything)
  12. Buying flight tickets just a month before actually going out of the country
  13. Making fun of superstitious people while noticing right away that this list has 13 points