I realize 2/3 of this list aren't things but people but I'm sure they won't mind. I guess this is more of a thank you list 💕
  1. Li.st
    For real, so i wasn't scouted on list like I thought I would, (I mean scouted on list was the new scoured at the mall right ?!) BUT anyway I told about it and the fact that I wrote +600 posts in English helped in proving that I could do an English only job
  2. Almost a year ago she fight with/for me to stop me from denigrating my English level and told me that I was indeed bilingual and I should call myself that. Definitely helped me in many ways included daring to candidate at said job that was originally for someone with English as native language
  3. When I was hysterical as I had to make a phonecall in English (I mean... make a phonecall in general plus my oral English felt rusty) I had the best warm up convo and then the professional one after went so great