I know I should named that list something about self care and mental illness, but how about let's call things by their names and blame my ESL for being to direct ?
  1. Take a bubble bath and hide everything you hate about your body 🙌
    Once the bubbles are all gone, notice everything you hate and go back to pre-bath step 1
  2. Scroll on some social medias and be bitter about other people success and happiness 👌
  3. Spend money you don't have 🙌🙌
  4. Or spend hours do a very big bag in some websites but turn off your computer before paying for anything ✌️
  5. Sing along to "to stupid bitch" by Rachel Bloom in crazy ex girlfriend 👍
    Til you remember that Rebecca is jus a fictional character while your a non fiction stupid bitch
  6. Put a mask on your face until it becomes just as dry as your heart 👏
    Then spend some time admiring your spots and redness in a 10x zooming mirror
  7. Eat chocolate because you feel bad then feel bad about eating chocolate then eat chocolate because you feel bad about.. as lib 🙌