Thoughts as a french network announced that they're gonna do a french SNL

FYI only maybe 83 people know what snl is France and 44 watch it
  1. Why not just AIR THE ACTUAL SNL ?!!
  2. Ok so it's not just rumors it's happening
  3. Who are the writers ? Show runners ?! Players ?!!
  4. Also how about being 40 years too late ?
  5. When you used to work for said network and actually talk them about it for a year and a half and they didn't ask you to be snl expert consultant
  6. I'll give them a try but honestly ...
  7. They're doing it TONIGHT. Yes, a Thursday. yes they're calling it *SNL*
  8. They're killing me or more likely I wish I was dead. Lorne I'm sorry. Hire me I'd do better I swear
  9. They did FUCKING remakes of Christmas wishes and more cowbell
    I switched from tears to rage. It's over now. NEVER AGAIN