1. That time I had to eat gefilte fish to be polite
    But I guess spitting it right away wasn't polite neither
  2. Wanting to see a Ballet at the Opera de Paris : choreographed by Benjamin Millepied, very cheap cause reserved for the -28yo ! One night only !
    But it was on Kippour.
  3. Planning a trip to London
    But realize it's on the first day of Passover. The ONLY Jewish holiday that can ruin your holidays (well except for Kippour but that's just one day so)
  4. Oh. Yeah. And I almost forgot... When your country is full of antisemitic assholes, when the shop nearby your home is attacked and became tragically famous, when a Sephora or Monoprix are attacked because they "sell Israeli products", when Ilan Halimi was kidnapped 10 years ago cause he was Jewish, when Jewish schools are attacked, when a rabbi in
    Marseille gave the advice to stop wearing a kippa for awhile, when a strange noise provoke a panic at rue des rosiers (it was a lamp that broke), when people change their attitude when they learn I'm Jewish, when people say to me "oh but you don't look Jewish at all" and don't see how insulting and racist that it, when my parent offered me a Star of David when I was 9/10 only to tell me to stop wearing it at 11/12, when so many of your friends prefer moving out in Israel rather than staying here
  5. Update : I'm ok guys and nothin special happened today it's just that I didn't feel like only writing jokes. It would have been a lie to just jokingly say the first 3 things when there are actual real problems