Trying to create an international movement in honor of @franksars 's dog Toby, voted world's cutest dog by a very serious jury (me)
  1. Remember when planking was a thing ?
  2. Andy Samberg and Jimmy Fallon tried to make double planking happen
  3. Of course there's also owling
    Do you really think I would forget ?
  4. And now... For the first time ever... Introducing... The tobying !
  5. The original, the muse, the real creator
  6. My humble homage
  7. Now add yours (please)
    All you need is a wall and a bed ! (Actually the bed will be crop so just a wall really!)
  8. This is so unflattering, but oh well.
    Suggested by   @franksars
  9. Tobying is Greedo's go-to sleeping position.
    Note the piggybacking cricket. Does that make this is an example of double-Tobying?
    Suggested by   @danimaljohn