Inspired by a wave from month ago I did happily when I was back from my holidays in the U.S
  1. I felt asleep at 4. Again.
  2. I tried to finish my closet and build the drawers. I broke my nail and hurt my middle finger (irony) and got a scratch in my arm... while just being on the opening the box step.
  3. I argue with a white boy that don't think privilege should be defined by color. Yeah. Cause he's white and have the luxury to do so.
    "Race doesn't really exist for you because it has never been a barrier. Black folks don't have that choice." Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie in Americanah
  4. I feel lucky to have learn so much this past year about that. White privilege isn't an expression in France (yet) and you all brillant woc taught me a lot. So I'll do a little deviation here to thank you all.
  5. I scroll a lot on twitter falling in the abyss of the reality of Americans lives now
    I get people wanting to take a break from social media, but don't run away from reality neither.
  6. I tried to apply some advices I told some friends and took care of myself: mask on the face; cream on my hair, Music. Now I'm making tea and will read a bit.
  7. Interrupted my self care mental protection break cause I still have this knot in my stomach
  8. Wrote a list.
  9. Got interrupted by a call from an unknown number in the US. Spooky.
    Didn't answer as it was an unknown number. From the US. But if it's someone's from list feel free to call back (?) (But if it's too sell me insurance I'm not interested )