Inspired by @jeremysomething / longest day ever
  1. Technically starting by going to bed way too drunk around 2:30
  2. Awake up by my hangover at 6
  3. Awake by room service at 9
  4. Breakfast by the river
  5. Sun deck at 10
  6. Swimming pool closed closing my should I wet my swim suit debate anyway
  7. Check out at 12
  8. Taxi. Afraid to be late
  9. Airport. 3 hours early.
  10. Disappointed in the airport shops : no last minute gifts sorry friends
  11. 1.30 : much needed hangover sponge burger
  12. 8 hours flight
    Kids were nice, I didn't have enough space, I didn't sleep enough, I watched Alice 2 and it makes non sense, watched top chef without sound, try to sleep just before landing
  13. It's 6:30 am in Paris and I'm a bit tired
  14. 6:50 : already writing a list not even pass the border police