1. That's a real thing that's happening and my biggest problem is that it doesn't seem to bother anyone in France
    The film isn't well received by the critics but more because of the lack of scenarios or story, (many said its Farrelys wannabe loser) but I've only read ONE article saying how hypocrite the movie was, as it advocates kindness toward couples that are different but was unable to cast an actual little person for the movie...
  2. Cause for once, even if apparently the movie isn't very good, it was a romcom I'm sure many actual actors of 1m36 would love to do.
    Again from the trailer only, how can they actually denounce people attitude towards small persons and do the same casting wise ?!
  3. I'd like to know at what point the fact that the role wasn't gonna be played by someone with the appropriate size was decided..
  4. Was it always off the table ? Was it the director who wanted Dujardin ? Was it the distribution who said it won't sell if it's not a famous actor or won't sell if it's an actual small person ?
  5. Also shouldn't Dujardin have refuse the role ?
    You were just in a Lellouch romcom enough anyway
  6. The movie launch was not noticed, but still, I feel for the wrong reason, and i wish more people were scandalized by that
  7. Anyway good news for Americans : our country is fucked up as well ! Yay !!