I think Emma befriended cause I was recommended at the time and also cause I met Gad Elmaleh but now that I'm not reco anymore and Gad is trying to make it in the US I'm not sure why she still is interested.
  1. She clearly made FTC* happen
    I don't remember exactly how an Aussie, an American, a British and a French all became friends but I'm sure she linked us (something about Leah and her doing a dance off for me but that's all I remember) (*if you don't know what FTC is I can't help you) (kidding it's our* group chat name) (*our being @LeahG @jessicaz Emma and I) (seriously if your don't know that by now it's outrageous)
  2. We share grandma cosmetics interest but still are curious with cool kids trend
    Elizabeth Arden or Glossier ? What's best ? We will never know (or maybe there's a tuto for that)
  3. She's so funny when she's mad
    Guys You have NO idea ! Best rants ever and oh so much shade and all except... she does that only privately, I so wish you could all see her sassiness, you thought I was teasing ?! Get text from Emma and you'll see I'm too vanilla
  4. She is so interesting
    She lived in Hong Kong, South Africa, U.K ; she knows about a lot of things including Gad Elmaleh and Guillaume Canet and almost stopped asking me to translate his IG ! Yay
  5. She calms me down when I'm mad for nothing
    But also pumping me up when it's not for nothing !
  6. She's so nice and generous
    She was the one sending me the first birthday gifts from FTC and started a NOW tradition. I was so so moved thanks again I'll never forget the feeling ❤️
  7. She's the one person on list I had the biggest and longest laugh and inside joke ever
    I obviously can't tell you anything about it but just know that it lasted an entire night and for actual months and still do. I guess there's something with British and French humor and we just understand each other's not matter what the joke is.
  8. She's my first; my last; my everything
    I feel that our VERY FIRST TIME EVER... EUROPEAN LIST APP MEET UP 🇪🇺🇫🇷🇬🇧 was kinda not noticed enough IMHO despite being obviously an historical moment. So basically Emma is my the first lister I met aka first "internet friend" that became well a friend.
  9. And her lists are COOL
    Honestly if you don't follow @DawnCloud, you can delete your account (about time I @ her in that list)
  10. One day I told her that "the British are coming" means "I'm getting my period" in French and she's still my friends