1. Oh hello ! I didn't see you there !
  2. So you want ol' Lisa to tell you all the things she learned about List App ? But not just the beauty, the REAL truth.. Say no more.
    Sit down and listen. Although if you're on list app rn chances are you're already sitting on the toilets or something
  3. The author of that list denied any responsibility in any list success or flop and may sound a bit bitchy but that's just how life is
  4. CHAPTER 1 : it's not US it's YOU
  5. Don't whine about not having followers yet if you've never liked or comment on anyone's list
  6. Also, put a picture (not necessarily of your face, I understand you may not like that!) but at least A picture to help us remind more of you !
  7. You might be the most awesome person on earth but how are we supposed to guess that ?
  8. So yeah follow, like, comment, go crazy on people lists ! A LITTLE INTERACTION FOR EVEN MORE ACTION (that definitely what Elvis would have list)
  9. Also know that this is not Instagram : first of all people are smarter and have no filter when talking about actual interesting issues. And also there isn't the hypocrisy of "not liking old content" : WE ALL DO THE SAME ! Scrolling is a natural beautiful thing and you shouldn't be embarrassed of it !
  10. CHAPTER 2 : Give us something to like
  11. Write lists ! The more you wait the scarier you'll be ! Write list and no worry we (mostly) won't judge you for writing silly lists !
  12. CHAPTER 3 : THE DON'T (yes, chapter 2 was short)
  13. It's not like definitive don't. There are exceptions. And mostly everybody does whatever they want (with their bodies AND their lists)
  14. Let's call that chapter the maybe-don't-do-those-things-but-again-who-am-I-to-tell-you-what-to-do
    Too long ?
  15. Don't like your own list.
    Seriously. Liking a ANY of your own content on ANY social medias is a NON SENSE !! OF COURSE You like and agree with what you said, or you wouldn't have said it.
  16. Don't care if you publish a list too soon and there are still typos.
    Heeeello I'm French and spend my time correcting lists afterward. It's ok. People are nice and don't judge my mistakes and spelling errors to harshly. (Except maybe @gwcoffey that will make fun of you)
  17. Don't wait for your suggestion to be added on the list to relist it
    1. people will read the comments anyway. 2. if you like maybe you should just put a relist on it even if you never get added on the list. 3. Chances are your suggestion will get added right away so by the time your followers see your relist your suggestion will be on it !
  18. Don't unfollow me. Never. OR I'LL FIND YOU AND SING YOU EDITH PIAF FOREVER
  19. Don't post in certain time zone
    A REAL struggles for non Americans. If you wanna be sure that your list will be read, better make sure that Cali is awake. But then again there are lots of European and Australians and Asians and actually don't care much, we'll be here ! (And you may get trending sooner because no one else's up anyway! Yay!) more info on how to get trending : HOW TO GET YOUR LIST TRENDING 101
  20. Don't listen to any of my advice !
    I took time and wrote lists that were total flops, and never understand some that were liked a lot for some reasons.
  21. List apping isn't a science !
  22. CHAPTER 4 : THE DO
  23. Do follow chapter 1 and 2
  24. Write lists
  25. Like lists
  26. Comment lists
  27. Get inspired by lists
    Stay still on someone's list title : it will create your list inspired by that 1st list. BUT DON'T YOU DARE HIDE THE PERSON YOU TOOK THE IDEA FROM !!! There's not Fat Jewish in dat app !
  28. I also already liked a list before actually reading or finishing it and I'm not proud of that but sometimes you realize you won't have time to read it (or GIFS are to long to charge please forgive me @franksars) but MAKE SURE TO COME BACK TO IT AND COMMENT
    I guess you can also just save them to come back to them. You know what you do you.
  29. Are all those actual tricks hacks or shortcuts ? I'm not sure ! But see, when receiving a list request you can do your best hoping your requester will be happy with your answer, but again do whatever YOU wanna do. You can consent on fulfilling a request but you're the one taking it wherever you want.
  30. Also those group list requests can be pressuring. Don't do it because you feel like you have to and everyone's doing it and you wanna look cool. If you don't want to, don't.
  31. Basically lists app are just about doing whatever you want while respecting yourself and others.
  32. Wait. I am speaking about lists still ?