1. Hold hands while walking by the Seine
  2. Stop being so hard on ourselves
  3. Try some of the advices you tell others
  4. Fall in love
  5. Manage to be happy or at least happier
  6. Stop hiding feelings behind words
  7. Accept the cracks and the flaws of others and ourselves
  8. Move forward or just move on
  9. Sleep peacefully, perhaps in some arms
  10. Fight or give up or give in
  11. Cry
  12. Learn and teach to/from someone
  13. Cry of laughter
  14. Buy cheese and bread; eat them all and then make stinky kisses
  15. Live more easily
  16. Go to a concert and be one of those annoying couples at concerts we usually judge
  17. Stay in and watch Klapisch movies
  18. Go out and drink like there's no (hungover) tomorrow
  19. Not have anxiety attack at night
  20. Not have anxiety by day neither
  21. Believe in ourselves
  22. Believe in the future
  23. Go wine tasting in Bordeaux, Reims, or even Napa Valley or Italy maybe?
  24. Play hide and seek between sunflowers