French is weird. Expressions are weird. Therefor French expressions are the weirdest.
  1. Ça casse pas 3 pattes à un canard = it doesn't break 3 paws to a duck
    WHY ? HOW ? WHO ? That is sick. Meaning : it's no great shake
  2. Avoir le cul entre 2 chaises = having the ass between 2 chairs
    Meaning: being uncomfortable/caught between 2 stools
  3. En faire tout un fromage = make a cheese out of it
    Make a big deal out of a situation
  4. Avoir d'autres chats à fouetter = having other cats to whip
    Sorry I know I prefer dogs but I'm not into whipping cats neither. Don't know who did that. (Meaning = having other things to do)
  5. Il y a du monde au balcon = there's people at the balcony
    Having big boobs
  6. Now what you really wanna know :
  7. Une partie de jambes en l'air = a game of legs in the air
    Having sex
  8. Tremper le biscuit = to dip the cookie
    Having sex
  9. Tailler une pipe = crave a pipe
    Do a blowjob